At Capital Mass, we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and seek to be an anti-racist organisation.

The killing of George Floyd in May 2020 in Minneapolis was a needless, brutal and callous act that has since been viewed all across the globe.

We condemn this killing in the strongest possible way.

This incident has rightfully sparked protest and debate around issues of racial justice and equality, and raised again the ugly spectre of racism that has been in our society, instritutions and at all levels of community for far too long.

Everyday, Capital Mass works as a resource to the parishes and churches within the Diocese of London, one of the most racially diverse cities on the planet.

We consider our role to be a genuine privilege to serve these churches as they work to address imbalances in social justice in their local communities.

It is inherent in our values to be inclusive and supportive of everyone in the communities in which we work, but we recognise that we might have got it wrong in the past, and we may get it wrong in the future.

Where this has happened, we will always take a posture of humility, be willing to listen, to learn and to correct hurtful assumptions and behaviour.