A church for the Poor

A church for the Poor

30 August 2018 in Education, Practical Intervention.

Having had the pleasure of Martin speaking at a Capital Mass event in 2016 following the launch of his first book; Myth of the underserving Poor. We thought we like to promote his latest book.

A Church for the Poor

Recent years have witnessed dramatic growth in churches across Britain finding ways to care for the poorest in their communities. Motivated by genuine concern, dedicated volunteers responded to the call to action and millions of pounds have been invested to support those most in need.

However, the culture of many churches fails to attract those they are helping to the very faith that motivates this compassion. Even when people from poorer or working class backgrounds start on a journey of faith, many churches struggle to create an inclusive environment where they can feel welcomed and at home.

With biblical insight and practical examples A Church for the Poor, by Martin Charlesworth and Natalie Williams, presents a vision of the church as a place where people from all sections of society can find a home and play a part. It is a call to rethink our traditions and transform the church to reach the poor in Britain today.

‘This book is both inspiring and deeply practical. Pointing out the recent surge “in church engagement with the poor”, it observes that our churches remain largely middle-class. But there’s real encouragement here about the possibility of change, and practical advice about how to bring it about.’

Martin spoke at a Capital Mass event in July 2016 on the topic of The Myth of the Undeserving Poor

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