Acts 435 Extending the Community

Acts 435 Extending the Community

13 January 2016 by Mrs Jennifer Herrera in Practical Intervention.

In the early church community those who had resources shared with those who did not. We see this repeated all over – in the recent floods those who were not flooded quickly came to offer help and support to their distressed neighbours.

Acts 435 (based on Acts Chapter 4 verse 35 where they gave to anyone in need) looks to link communities on a wider scale and thanks to the Internet it can. Churches and charities on the ground, meeting with people in crisis, but without the funds to help. Needing resources to go that extra mile. By getting involved with Acts 435, they can access our site and post requests on it for the people they want to help.

Meanwhile there are many people who know there is suffering in the UK but don’t know those individual men, women and children, and what it is they so desperately need. They want a way to help and give financially. With Acts 435, 100% of what they give goes to the specific person with their specific need and the donor can be a part of easing that individual’s struggle.

This connecting of those in need and those wanting to help cannot be more relevant than in London. The capital is full of both the affluent wanting to help, and many struggling on the jagged edge of poverty. When I lived in London, I didn’t even know the people in my neighbouring flats, never mind further afield in the community. If I had wanted to support an individual Londoner in need, I would not have known where to start to find them.

Those wanting to help must be connected into the need. Acts 435 is a resource that London churches and charities can use to do just that. To share a story of need and invite people to give to it. Over the past two months, 100% of our requests have been met in full, many within days. We would love to see more Londoners seeing the benefit of a small gift that can make a big difference.

Don’t delay – get yourself a log-in and be at the ready to help people when a need arises. To sign up as a participating church or charity email or call 07703 453862.

Mrs Jennifer Herrera

Jennifer Herrera

Jennifer Herrera is Executive Director of Acts 435 and has been involved in the charity since operations began in October 2009. Jenny grew up in York, where the charity is based, and is a chartered accountant by profession. She lived in Guatemala in Central America for 6 years, where she met her husband, and where she served as Field Director for Kids Alive Guatemala, running an orphanage and day-care centre.

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