Affecting Change

Affecting Change

26 April 2019 in Education.

Last month Hope in Tottenham (HiT) - sponsored ‘Affecting Change: Haringey Youth Summit was held at Lilywhite House on the THFC estate, home of the London Academy of Excellence.

HiT worked with the Haringey Safer Neighbourhood Board and a coalition of six secondary schools and one PRU. On the day 90 students presented to 180 leaders and workers from the police, civic, and statutory sectors as well as leaders from the voluntary and faith communities.

The summit led on from that of ‘Building a better Haringey’ in 2016 since when a number of new and improved interventions and strategies have taken including the consolidation of the HiT Mentoring programme and the appointment of a full – time diversionary worker to girls from 5 schools and academies seen to be at risk of exploitation of various kinds.

Rev John Wood MBE, HiT Director, comments

‘The premise of this year’s summit was to improve the safety and life chances of young people in Haringey by giving them a voice around the challenges, hopes and aspirations they share in growing up safely and successfully to those in the Borough who have the power to make decisions on their behalf.

Encouragingly police and IAG members representing 5 other London boroughs also attended to see how this type of work could be replicated by them in locally translated and appropriate ways. They have now asked HiT to partner with them in their journey to better serve young Londoners needs for safety and security.

Haringey Borough has also asked HiT to co-sponsor a follow-up youth summit next year as well as a consultation in early September around the issues of young people as young as 11 being criminalised for life when they are discovered carrying knives for self – protection.

What is clear is that the problems of serious youth crime are not going away and will need continued co-operation and work from many different agencies and partners to be adequately confronted. What was encouraging to discover at the summit was the level of willingness to engage in taking forward that process.’

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