Covid-19: Responding to the Debt Tsunami

Covid-19: Responding to the Debt Tsunami

18 August 2020 by Alison Tsang in Debt and Financial Wellbeing.

In September and October, we’re hosting month of online events, training and discussions to equip churches with practical responses to help people who are struggling with money in the wake of Covid-19


StepChange, the UK’s leading debt support charity, predict a “debt tsunami” heading our way,

with households having debts of over £6 billion directly attributable to the pandemic and lockdown.

  • 20% UK adults, 14 million have been negatively affected by coronavirus when it comes to their finances.

  • Since the start of the crisis, 4.2 million people have used credit for basic bills and making ends meet.

  • Only 1 in 4 Londoners have more than £100 in savings

  • Nearly 1 million people have taken payment holidays, which end on 31st October 2020.

Every parish will have many affected by this, right across the board.

Whether that’s falling behind on rent, maxing out a credit card to pay bills, losing income, or having hours cut: there will be people in your congregation & community who are lying awake at night, worrying about money.

How can the church respond compassionately?

Over September and October, we’ll equip you with some really practical responses:
from setting up free debt advice to being able to offer emergency funds to those in need; offering budgeting help and spotting illegal money lending; how to have difficult conversations with people about money, or just knowing where to signpost people for further support.

We’ve got some expert speakers, great partner organisations and brilliant practical ideas of things you can do from parishes already doing them.

  • Each session is on zoom, only 1 hour, and totally FREE
  • Each will be recorded so you can watch later if you’re not able to make it
  • Book on one or more sessions- each is detailed below

We expect each session to be booked up so please do book early to ensure your place!

All the details of of all the sessions, with booking links can be found on our dedicated page here:

Alison Tsang

Alison Tsang

Alison heads up Compassionate Communities for the Diocese of London, particularly leading on issues around Financial Wellbeing, Modern Slavery & Refugees, and the Climate Crisis.

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