Anti-Slavery Day: Spotting Modern Slavery in our Winter Night Shelters

Anti-Slavery Day: Spotting Modern Slavery in our Winter Night Shelters

18 October 2019 in Homelessness, Modern Slavery.

How can we support our homeless guests who may be trapped in, or being drawn into modern slavery?

18th October is International Anti-Slavery Day, Dr Julia Tomas of The Passage shared how those of us running homelessness provision need to be aware of the risks of falling into Modern Slavery for our guests.

Recruiters for slavery gangs and traffickers ARE targeting homeless winter night shelters, soup runs and day centres for those they can enslave. This is happening in our city. We should all be aware!

Dr Julia Tomas, Anti-Slavery co-ordinator for the homeless charity The Passage, shares wisdom on how Winter Night Shelters can support guests around risks of modern slavery. Julia outlines the risks that those in shelters face from traffickers and how we can help spot the signs, and also how to support guests who may have experienced slavery.

She also gives information about where to signpost to organisations supporting people, if we suspect someone may be getting drawn into modern slavery. She also references the organisations and authorities working to stop modern slavery in our society.

Her talk was given as part of a wider evening of training and awareness for Winter Night Shelter volunteers, run on 2nd October 2019.

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Our next Winter Night Shelter training is looking at how we help our homeless guest through the benefit system, on 19th November. Booking here:

TRIGGER WARNING: This talk briefly mentions suicide, suicidal tendancies & sexual abuse

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