Revd Nick Mottershead

Revd Nick Mottershead

Alongside being SSM Priest in Charge at Holy Sepulchre, the National Musicians’ Church, Nick also works in the City as CFO and Head of Compliance at a FinTech company, focused on banking for the unbanked in the Middle East. In being able to do both things, he feels he is best able to see, serve and understand the City with all its positive aspects as well as its challenges.

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Doing good in the City together

14 September 2021 by Revd Nick Mottershead

In 2019, Revd Nick Mottershead set up “The Hygiene Bank - Square Mile” in response to the rising issue of hygiene poverty in London. Not wanting to stop there, he is also encouraging corporate partners to upcycle their redundant resources through the “GenerosCity” initiative.

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