Capital Mass: Have we helped?

Capital Mass: Have we helped?

16 October 2017 in Education.

At Capital Mass, we’re focused on supporting all in the Diocese of London to tackle poverty and inequality.

Over the past 2 years, Capital Mass has connected with over 8,800 Londoners, Church Leaders, Members of the Diocese and Partner Organisation. All with the aim of raising awareness and participation in our mission to the poor and marginalised in London.

  • Over 1,200 have attended one of our 30 events and learning communities
  • Over 300 have had a 1:1 meeting with a member of the Capital Mass Team
  • Over 7,300 have watched one of our 77 Youtube Videos
  • Over 7,500 have read one of our 72 Conversation Blog Post
  • We’ve established the role of Refugee and Destitute Migrant Response Coordinator.
  • We’ve recently launched the role of Just Finance London.
  • We’ve also mapped and celebrated the impact of our parishes in their communities.

Yet one question remains; “We’ve been busy, but has our work had the desired impact of raising awareness and participation with parishes and individuals to tackle poverty and inequality?”

So I wonder if you’d be kind enough to tick your way through this 6 question feedback page to help us know whether we’ve been effective and where we can develop our partnership with you.

Many thanks for your time on this

Andy Burns

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