Care Home Friends

Care Home Friends

06 September 2017 in Housing, Isolation, Practical Intervention.

I recently had the pleasure to meet and making a short film with Tina English, Director of Care Home Friends.

A ministry with a wonderful vision:

There are about 17,500 care homes across the UK and over 50,000 churches. We want to see every care home adopted by a local church, with each church coordinating a Care Home Friends project so that we can raise up an army of trained volunteers to befriend and support care home residents, many of whom can feel overlooked and ignored. All it needs is one person in each church with a heart for older people who can recruit and coordinate two or three volunteers. Together we can make an enormous difference in the lives of some of the oldest and frailest members of our community.

Resident and Care Home Friend

Resident and Care Home Friend

Research suggests that older people in care homes are twice as likely to feel lonely as older people living in the community.

Care Home Friends train volunteers to offer friendship and support to elderly residents in care homes.

Support includes befriending, simply chatting, reading aloud, or doing a crossword with a resident who has a visual impairment, helping residents with IT skills, playing a board game, doing gardening with a resident or taking them out for a walk.

Does this sound like a ministry you and your parish would like to get involved in?

If yes then please Email Tina

We also have a Learning Community for parishes who are addressing Isolation and Older People.


Local churches provide unique opportunities to bring together people of all ages, creating long lasting supportive relationships and a sense of family. Isolation, maybe due to a bereavement or ill health; can cause people to become detached from their community, therefore, robbing them of nurturing and life-giving relationships. So how do we bring the gift of friendship found in the church to those who are isolated in their homes?

Date: September 19th

Time: 6.30 - 8.30

Guest Speaker: Jeremy Sharpe of Linking Lives UK

For more information and to book your space Please Click Here

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