Christmas Blessings in Sunbury

Christmas Blessings in Sunbury

09 December 2016 in Food Poverty, Isolation, Practical Intervention.

I had the pleasure to meet the team at St Saviours Church Sunbury today, as they deepened their relationships with the guests who access their weekly ReStore FoodBank. The Lunchtime event was a clear amplification of the churches love and presence into the Sunbury Community.

The team headed up by Claire Hopkins, St Saviours Social Transformation Pastor brought a warmth and energy as they set out the tables filled with Christmas Presents which the guests purchase at a tenth of the cost.

“The reason for this is that parents still want to buy their children presents, but they can’t afford them. This way, paying £2 per child for a present donated to us which in the shops will cost between £20 - £30, means they have bought their child a gift, it’s not a hand out; their dignity matters”, comments Claire.

Along with the presents, volunteers offered a present wrapping service and deepened the relationships already build up through the ReStore over lunch.

The overriding impression is that ReStore meets the immediate need in addressing food poverty, but that it is events such as these that have the capacity for long-term transformation. Hand-outs don’t exist in Sunbury, hand-ups do, and they’re extended in the form of friendship and love.

If you’d be interested to know more about the work of St Saviours, Sunbury then please do get in contact with Claire Hopkins.

Also Capital Mass runs a learning community for parishes who are addressing isolation. If you’d like to join us then please Contact me

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