Clergy Hosting is growing

Clergy Hosting is growing

12 November 2018 by Angela Afzal in Homelessness, Housing, Refugee & Asylum.


NB: Hosting is open to all Londoners you don’t have to be a member of clergy.

Do you have a spare room that you could offer to a homeless migrant or refugee?

You can host for a weekend, a week or a few months, depending on your circumstances. Capital Mass and the Diocese of London are working in partnership with Housing Justice to provide temporary accommodation for London’s destitute migrants and refugees while their asylum or immigration case is being addressed.

Hosting offers a practical way for Clergy and Lay to provide the stability needed for destitute migrants and refugees whilst their case to remain in the UK is decided. Guests are referred to Housing Justice by recognised agencies operating in London and then Hosts are invited to offer hospitality in their season of need.

NB: Clergy Hosting has the support of the Bishops in the Diocese of London together with the Diocesan Registry, the Safeguarding and Property Teams.

Today there are guest waiting to call your home; home.

Could you respond?

To inquire about Hosting, please feel free to email Angela Afzal

Thank you for considering being a host.

It’s made a lot of difference to my life because now I don’t have to think about where I’m going to sleep each night; it’s had a big impact, honestly. I don’t need to be hiding, waiting for people to come home so I can get in, having to ask unnecessary people for accommodation who would want “something” in return. I’m more relaxed now, not as stressed as I used to be; my blood pressure has gone down and I know it’s because of this. It’s been a big help and I’ve done a childcare course at college which I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. It’s also meant I’ve met new people, people who just want to help and are being nice – I thought everyone was just horrible before, but these people [hosts] just want to help, they’re not looking for anything in return.

Angela Afzal

Angela Afzal

Refugee Response Co-ordinator at Capitalmass

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