Compassion Stories- Week 1

Compassion Stories- Week 1

24 February 2021 by Alison Tsang

Telling stories of faith into action

Over Lent, we are telling stories of forty ordinary disciples, around the Diocese of London.

People who are following Jesus and that’s led them to take action. Serving communities; challenging injustice; loving their neighbour.

Each day we tell a new story here, and on our Instagram Facebook, and Twitter feeds.

Inspiring, encouraging and challenging.

Our storytellers in their own words share a little of what they are involved in, and a little of how their faith in God motivates them and sustains them. Entering into another’s story, another’s life, and sharing the pain and joy and life that comes with that, on the path of discipleship of Christ.

Have you seen our first week’s stories?

From Jo who’s supporting asylum seekers who can’t return to their countries for fear of persecution, to Viv who has been creating community for those who find themselves homeless, in new ways since lockdown.

From Steve who’s been led into campaigning for fairer, safer housing, to Stephan and Jeannie, who’ve been on an 8 year journey, turning their world upside down, to provide a secure home for young adults.

From Folake, serving families and those who find themselves homeless on her doorstep, to Chris who’s deep concern for the climate crisis led him to help tackle switching to greener energy for him and his community, and now campaigning across the UK.

Come With us

And this week we’ll continue to tell stories: we’ll meet 6 more amazing, ordinary disciples. Starting with Alex, who’s love of baking and of neighbour has given her an unexpected ministry to her elderly friends who have been lonely and isolated during lockdown.

Come with us, this week as we journey through Lent. We hope you’ll be encouraged and challenged in your own journey.

The whole series can be found here, and on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Alison Tsang

Alison Tsang

Alison heads up Compassionate Communities for the Diocese of London, particularly leading on issues around Financial Wellbeing, Modern Slavery & Refugees, and the Climate Crisis.

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