Creating Safer Communities for All Young People: What can we do?

Creating Safer Communities for All Young People: What can we do?

04 September 2023 by Tolu Awojobi in Serious Youth Violence.

Stories from three churches

We know the young people in our communities need safe spaces to grow up in, and that churches are called to play their part in that as part of the mission of God.

It can feel hard to know what it is a church can do, in the face of the enormous scale of the challenge: the fear of youth violence that so many face; the rise in mental health struggles, and the need for stable adults to mentor and befriend.

Three churches tell three inspiring stories of their own response.

With different traditions, resources, contexts and callings, they all talk about what it looks like for them to play their part in creating safer communities for all young people.

St Thomas’s, Kensal Town

Father Sam Cross talks about the call to understand young people’s lives; the gift of presence, stability, and a place to talk; and the importance of holding the name “Father”.

Mill Hill East Church

Femi Onanuga from Mill Hill East Church, a Baptist/URC church, talks about the importance of fun as they build relationships on their local estate that lead to transformation; how having an open door helps the church understand more of the life of young people.

Hope Church Hounslow

Chris Kettel talks of the youth work that seeks to bring hope to young people in the parish: partnering with the council on the local estate; helping year 6 transition in schools; offering football and Jesus.

What can WE do?

Want to know more? Have a story to tell of your own, or is your church wanting to get more involved in community youth work?

Get in touch! We’d love to come and chat with you.

Tolu Awojobi

Tolu Awojobi

Tolu is part of the Children & Youth Team at the Diocese of London, particularly with experience working within secondary schools, helping young people explore faith in creative ways.

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