English Classes and Community Flourishing

English Classes and Community Flourishing

22 November 2016 in Education, Isolation, Refugee & Asylum.

What building the Kingdom is about is integration so all can flourish Revd Jody Stowell of St Michael’s and All Angels Harrow Weald.

If the video has inspired you to think about offering such a vital community flourishing offer. Then please do get in contact with Revd Stowell on the below number or please feel free to email Angela Afzal.

Details of when the St Michaels and All Angels English Conversation Class St Michael’s runs a Speaking English with Confidence class. This runs each Wednesday during term time. To book on the course, please contact the office: 0208 863 1383

If you’d like to know more about how as a parish you can support refugees or migrants then please click here.

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