Who gets your vote?

Who gets your vote?

21 April 2017 in Political Engagement.

Who gets your vote?

As we head towards a General Election, we’ll be confronted with claims and counterclaims, arguments for and arguments against, promises made and promises critiqued as well as questions of trust, capability and suitability. To help you, we’ve started to pull together thoughts and reflections as you consider, who gets your vote?

This page will continue to grow with new articles over the coming weeks so please do keep checking in with us.

Disagreeing well

Show up

Those who show up

Show up book cover

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Encourage everyone to register to vote by 22 May

Many people are still unregistered, especially young people, people who move around a lot, people for whom English is a second language, and people who are unable to access the internet. It’s very simple, using this link.

Even people who are homeless with no fixed address are eligible to register: learn more here.

The Electoral Commission has further information and materials you can use to promote registration in your local area: learn more here.

Hold a cross-party hustings

At a hustings, you can invite candidates from all the main political parties to answer questions from the audience. This is a great way to help local people get their voices heard. Charities should only promote “non-selective” hustings where all the main political parties are invited. The Electoral Commission has a guide here.

This is a time: Reflections on the General Election

The Joint Public Issues Team has produced a helpful report offering reflections and analysis for Christians as we approach the General Election. Their opening paragraph says:

The recent announcement of a General Election surprised just about everyone. We now face questions as Christian disciples, not only about how we should vote, but what we and our churches should be doing and saying during the campaign. In the weeks leading up to the election, the Joint Public Issues Team will be offering reflections and balanced analysis, seeking to support local Christians and churches as they engage with the issues, and working to keep the things we believe to be important on the political agenda. In this, our first resource, we offer some reflections on key biblical themes that will hopefully help put the events of the last week into perspective.

To read the whole report please click on the link below.

Seeking the welfare of London

A blog series full of helpful reflections from the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum, Christian Conservative Fellowship and Christians on the Left.

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Christians in Politics

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