Hope springs eternal

Hope springs eternal

06 November 2018 in Practical Intervention.

It was a pleasure to see the new offices of Hope in Tottenham last week where David Lammy MP and Cllr Gina Adamou Mayor of Haringey had celebrated its recent opening.

I say pleasure because, as with many areas where major redevelopment happens, such as the new Spurs Ground, it’s often the local people who are forgotten and left behind. But not so here with Hope in Tottenham’s repeated refrain that it’s; “all about young people”.

When it’s all about young people then hope will indeed spring eternal in Tottenham especially as the bearers of hope are local residents who are committed to it’s every success.

Rev John Wood MBE, works full time as Director, commented that;

‘Being just 100 yards down the road from the new Spurs stadium, as well as moving to a building where so many brilliant local and voluntary agencies are already accommodated, makes perfect strategic sense as we seek to move forward as a HiT family. It’s our focus to enhance on a number of different levels the life chances of young people in Haringey’.

“Hope in Tottenham have inspiring people, making a difference…They have extraordinary commitment, tenacity and skill.”

Sir Stuart Lipton, The Mayor of London’s Champion for Tottenham

To find out more about Hope in Tottenham PLEASE CLICK HERE

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