Just Living

Just Living

23 March 2016 in Education, Practical Intervention.

On the 17th March 2016, Capital Mass hosted the launch of Dr Ruth Valerio’s latest book: “JUST LIVING”

We hope you enjoy Ruth’s talk and are inspired to live justly as together we consider how our consumer choices effect the neighbours we are called to love.

A huge thanks to Kahaila Cafe, Brick Lane for their hospitality and to all who attended; making the event a real success.

We apologise for the abrupt ending to the film - SD card ran out of memory (a learning opportunity for Capital Mass and an encouragement to buy the book).

The launch of Ruth Valerio’s book, Just Living at Kahaila, was like a refreshing glass of cool water. After a typically frantic working day, sitting and listening to her read the opening pages, describing being absorbed in a remote place of natural beauty, was just the calming medicine that I needed. Ruth explored the need to re-connect with the source of our food and clothing, in order to regain the value of what we eat and wear - an antidote to our throwaway culture. She also helpfully expressed the need for a middle way between church that is therapeutic (focused on my own healing and relationship with Jesus), which neglects wider issues of the impact that we have on others in the decisions we make - and a hair shirt approach, withdrawing from the world and living meagerly. Ruth Valerio is both humble in her approach to living justly (so you don’t feel judged!) and inspirational (she embodies living this way). In a very troubled world, bowed down by environmental disaster, rootlessness, isolation and poverty, the event left me hopeful that another way is possible.

Revd Alexandra Lilley

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