Linking Lives in London

Linking Lives in London

30 April 2019 in Isolation.

This week we’re introducing to the work of Linking Lives UK which is a national Christian charity working with churches to address loneliness and social isolation across the UK. Linking Lives UK do this by setting up befriending projects in local communities, through which volunteers are able to visit older people in their own homes usually for one hour each week. They currently have 29 such projects operating around the UK ranging from Aberdeen to Guernsey and other locations ranging from rural to inner-city urban areas.

You will no doubt be aware that loneliness and social isolation are issues of increasing concern in the UK.

Church Urban Fund has found that almost 70% of Anglican clergy see loneliness as the biggest issue in their communities.

You may also be aware that the government produced a Loneliness Strategy last November and Linking Lives Uk is working with them, along with other Christian organisations, to discuss the role of churches and faith groups in addressing these issues.

It is against this background that they are today launching the above promotional film outlining their work, as they are looking for new Parishes who would be interested in working with them to set up a Linking Lives befriending project in their community.

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