London’s Poverty Profile 2017

London’s Poverty Profile 2017

09 October 2017 in Education.

Our friends at Trust for London have drawn together data to show the poverty picture of London.

The challenge is, as always; “what is our response?”

The latest data for London’s Poverty Profile (from 2016 and 2017) shows a mixed picture in London. In some ways, London is better off than it was before the financial crisis. Employment rates are at their peak, at least as far back as 1992, at over 73% of the working-age population. This is 4.5 percentage points higher than a decade earlier. This also translates to a record low in the number of workless households in London.

However, while the overall poverty rate has fallen slightly in recent years, it remains higher than the rest of the country; and the proportion living in ‘deep poverty’ has increased.

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