Next Meal Launches

Next Meal Launches

02 March 2018 in Food Poverty, Homelessness.

We’re told by those in the homelessness sector, not to give money when someone is begging on the streets. As Jon Kuhrt, Chef Exec of West London Mission puts it; “we must remember that not all who beg are homeless and not all who are homeless, beg.” There’s a risk that in our giving we could (could here is underlined) be fueling issues which are not helping but holding the person back.

Please see Jon’s talk at the Housing Injustice event earlier this year.

So what can we do when we’re asked for financial help?

The answer could be in the palm of your hand

I had the pleasure to attend the London launch of last night, it’s simplicity is its genius.

The next time you’re walking through London and someone asks you for money for food; get out your smartphone jump onto press the GPS button and your screen will fill with a list of places in that locality where free food in a warm environment can be found. For me, I’ve saved the website link onto my phone’s home screen meaning I’m only one click away from helping someone find their Next Meal.

It’s that simple!

Next Meal is the brainchild of Martin Stone, the Voluntary Director of Muswell Hill Soup Kitchen.

We’re a group of volunteers who work at the Muswell Hill Soup Kitchen that had an idea to create a site that can direct homeless people to food and support 24/7 in London.

Our primary aim is to help people in the capital who are homeless or in acutely difficult circumstances. We also hope that it will be a useful tool for statutory organisations and charities working together to reduce street homelessness in London.

Martin Stone

Let’s spread the word.

Let’s put this resource into our congregation’s smartphones.

Let’s #TackleHomelessnessTogether.

To know more please go to

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