Six Months on: A conversation into the Refugee Crisis

Six Months on: A conversation into the Refugee Crisis

26 January 2016 in Refugee & Asylum.

We apologise for the audio disruptions throughout this recording.

On the 20th January 2016, JustShare and Capital Mass hosted a “where are we now?” panel discussion looking at the global refugee crisis 6 months on from the headline making summer of 2015. We ask, where are we as a nation? What have we learnt? Who have we become? How do we go forward?

With contributions from The Right Revd David Walker, The Bishop of Manchester and Emily Bowerman, The Programmes Manager at Refugee Support Network. The evening explored the Theological and Moral Imperative to offer hospitality to those fleeing persecution and war and offered insight into what we’ve learnt and how we could respond.

Andy Burns who chaired the event reflected: The evening showed that this is a very live concern. One with a wide variety of views and one which asks the very question not simply what have we learnt but “Who we are as a Christian Nation” and our response to this crisis goes a long way in answering the identity question. My prayer is that evening such as these allow debate and conversation to continue in order that all are heard, and a just response found.

If you would like to know how your parish can respond into this refugee crisis then please contact our Refugee Response Coordinator Angela Afzal

Capital Mass and the Diocese of London have created these pages to help you in your response to refugees. LINK

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