The Bedroom Project

The Bedroom Project

10 July 2017 in Education, Food Poverty, Health, Mental Health.

This project has the backing of The Diocese of London Safeguarding Team


A social documentary photography project to raise awareness of the growing levels of child poverty and inequality in London.

More than 650,000 children in London live in poverty. That’s 4 out of 10 of the UK’s children.

Despite being one of the richest cities in the world, London has one of the worst records among the European capitals for childhood poverty, with a staggering wealth inequality that is growing every year.

The Bedroom Project aims to bring the focus back to the lives of children in London’s 33 boroughs who are struggling with deprivation, food insecurity and the stress caused by poverty. By using photography of children’s bedrooms, coupled with descriptive narratives about their lives we will communicate the reality of the challenges facing so many children and young people living all over London.

Can you help the Childhood Trust (CT) highlight Child Poverty in your borough through this project?

Can YOU help CT?

The Childhood Trust need your help to find one family affected by poverty from each borough. They will have to agree to talk to us about their lives and allow us to photograph their children’s bedroom(s). As part of the project, we want to hear about their experiences and the difficulties they may have experienced due to low income.

The Childhood Trust understand that this might feel uncomfortable but we believe that telling their story is important. We will engage with each family with dignity and respect and assure them that their participation will help to raise much-needed awareness of inequality and its consequences.

What CT need from families

  • Up to three hours of their time, whenever is most convenient for them.

  • Access to their home and permission to photograph one their children’s bedroom.

  • To sit down and chat with them and their child/children and ask a series of questions about their lives.

What CT will guarantee

  • Anonymity – all names and distinguishing personal details will be changed. The photographs will only feature bedrooms and any identifying items will be removed.

  • Confidentiality – No personal information will be shared with any third parties.

  • Sensitivity – we will do our best to ensure the interview process is as comfortable as possible. We are not coming to judge, we are coming to capture the hardship of inequality, unfairness, low pay and the effects this has on children.

  • Thanks to a generous donor we are able to offer a £50 voucher to each family that participates. This is to cover the time we take up and to say thank-you for talking to us.

If you’d like to help with this project then please contact

Eleni or Christina at The Childhood Trust.

Mbl: 07507 880 109


I do hope that you can get involved and link the team to families.

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