The Journey to COP 26: Why I am walking

The Journey to COP 26: Why I am walking

02 July 2021 by Flo Wright in Climate Change.

This year, in November, world leaders are meeting in Glasgow at COP 26, the UN climate conference.

These important negotiations are a once-in-a-generation chance to tackle climate change, and climate justice.

We, the Young Christian Climate Network (YCCN), are asking them to rise to the moment and protect people over bank balances.

So as an act of hope, love and faith we are walking from Cornwall where the G7 took place in June to Glasgow where COP26 will meet in November. We’d love you to join us: all ages and all denominations are welcome.

We’re walking as a relay: hundreds of people all walking a small part. Each of us will take a part of the route, handing onto others who will take the next leg.

After a sending off from Truro Cathedral, the relay began on the 14th June. Walkers are working their way up from the South West towards London as you read this.

I will personally be taking part as it passes through London in early August.

I’ve also taken on a leadership role, coordinating events when the relay reaches Central London.

We would love to invite you to join me and others when the relay arrives in London. All are welcome to walk with us and get involved.

“During the pandemic…I had the time to realize how serious the situation is, that it is something God cares about, and that I could get involved.”

I became involved with YCCN over the course of my ‘COVID Gap year,’ because instead of travelling I have grown in a passion for climate justice.

The cliche of ‘finding yourself on a gap year’ rings true for me!

I had always cared about the planet and attended the school strikes for climate, but it was during the pandemic that I had the time to realize how serious the situation is, that it is something God cares about and that I could get involved.

I started by making small changes to my own lifestyle like cutting down on plastic and up-cycling but found it was easy to become overwhelmed at how small of an impact my own decisions made.

So joining YCCN enabled me to be involved with collaborative action and our shared faith makes the group encouraging and hopeful to be a part of.

I still try to make changes to my lifestyle but these have become more like acts of worship to God and creation rather than because I think they alone will save the planet.

YCCN has shown me that together we have power.

With our relay, we have specific asks for the government and world leaders particularly around money.

This is because the countries in vulnerable situations who are most affected by climate change, are the least at fault and the least able to afford solutions.

Therefore we’re calling on the UK government to cancel public debt for these countries, and put pressure on private creditors to do the same.

So I’m getting involved, walking organising and and calling for change. We’d love anyone else who would like to, to join us. It’s a massively hopeful thing we can do together.

You can sign up for the relay on our website and for onboarding zoom calls on 6th July at 6pm here, and 20th July at 6pm here.

We’d also love for you to sign up to our Slack channel. This is the easiest way for you to get in contact with other people in your route section.

Come and walk with us: let’s rise to the moment.

Getting involved

The YCCN Relay passes through London between 3rd and 10th August.

Anyone of any age or stage is invited to walk, come to an event or offer volunteering support. Many churches and youth groups are already planning to walk a leg together.

CURRENT Route Plan: 

  • 2nd Aug: Arrive St Hilda’s Ashford, Spelthorne
  • 3rd Aug: WALK Ashford to Twickenham, overnight at St Stephens Twickenham
  • 4th Aug: WALK Twickenham to St Pauls Clapham, Diocese of Southwark
  • 5th Aug: WALK Clapham into Central London
  • 5th Aug  EVENT  St Pauls Cathedral Steps event with Christian Aid
  • 6th & 7th Aug: other EVENTS in Central London TBC
  • 8th Aug: EVENT Climate Sunday service at St Martin in the Field
  • 9th Aug: EVENT Breakfast send off from All Hallows By the Tower
  • 9th Aug: WALK Central London to St James Muswell Hill
  • 10th Aug: WALK Muswell Hill to Watford

For up to date information about routes, timings and how you can get involved, get in touch with YCCN here or join their Slack here

Flo Wright

Flo Wright

Flo is a member at St James, Muswell Hill and a leader in The Young Christian Climate Network, an action-focused community of young Christians in the UK aged 18-30, choosing to follow Jesus in the pursuit of climate justice.

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