Working together to help young refugees

Working together to help young refugees

13 December 2016 in Refugee & Asylum.

Capital Mass received this article from our friends at The Children’s Society and as many of you have been interested in unaccompanied minors we thought we’d put it up on our site.

The refugee crisis is the humanitarian emergency of our times, which is why The Children’s Society has formed a partnership with the Guardian to help young refugees this Christmas.

We want to be able to provide more refugee children with the one-to-one support and guidance they so desperately need.

Last year over 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children arrived in the UK, finding themselves in a foreign land where they can’t speak the language, or understand how to do the very basics such as food and shelter. Refugee children arriving in this country are vulnerable, scared and in urgent need of help.

Hamid was shot during the war in Afghanistan, and fled to the UK fearing for his life. When he arrived here, Hamid was arrested by the police and put in a shared house. It was here that he was visited by a project worker from The Children’s Society.

‘My project worker took me to a doctor. I couldn’t go there on my own because I didn’t know about the hospital and didn’t know how to get there.’

Hamid’s project worker also introduced him to other young refugees, and helped him learn basics like how to shop and use public transport. Hamid is now training to become an engineer and looking forward to a safe, happy future that once seemed unimaginable to him.

The Children’s Society is here to help refugee children overcome the challenges they face, and begin to rebuild their lives. We want to make sure that their voices are heard and the problems they face are understood, and that they receive the support they need from social workers, mental health services and housing.

You can help more children like Hamid by signing our campaign action, sharing our tweets below or sharing our Facebook Post attached. By taking just a few simple actions, you can make sure refugee children reaching the UK are safe from danger – please be there for them this Christmas.

Please consider tweeting this statement: I’m supporting @guardian and @childrensociety to help refugee children in the UK Tweet link here

I’m making #refugeeswelcome with @childrensociety and @guardian this Christmas. Will you? Tweet link here

Over half of child refugees suffer #mentalhealth problems. You can help, donate to @childrensociety @guardian appeal Tweet link here

Over 3000 children came to the UK alone in 2015. Help make #refugeeswelcome, donate to @childrensociety Tweet link here

Over 65 million children are displaced from their homes. You can help. Donate to @childrensociety @guardian appeal Tweet link here

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