We set aside a week in May 2020 to help churches find funds as they respond to Coronavirus and continue to serve their communities.

Working in partnership with @fundmychurch, the Diocese of London Parish Fundraising Team, the week offered a range of free resources, webinars and advice clinics to churches and communities across the Diocese of London.

We know that at this time of massive societal change and lock down, many churches have told us they’re concerned about funding the vital community work they have been offering for years.

Many also want to know where to find funding for new emergency responses that they are beginning to see due the Covid-19 crisis.

Churches are also often in a position of trying to access grants for individuals they meet who are desperate need due to the crisis.

The aim was, as always, to equip and serve the local church as they serve their local communities and reach out with compassion. If you missed it, or even if you didn’t - all the resources from the week, with follow up links, can be found here.


We were delighted to offer as part of our Focus on Funding week- some FREE one-to-one Funding Advice Clinics.

We still have a small limited availability of slots for those who missed out and these can be booked now.

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As part of the week, our guest speakers offered a free 30 minute “advice clinic” talking specifically about your situation and what you need to raise money for.

So if you are grappling with a complex funding application, a quick chat with one of our experts could be just the ticket.

Or perhaps you are looking to access funds from a particular funding stream for the first time, the advice clinic could help to give you useful insights on how to approach it.

if you’re a church or community project that wants support with funding:

1) email us: admin@capitalmass.org.uk and let us know you are interested in one of our 30 minute slots for a free advice clinic with a fundraiser

2) we will get in touch with you to find out more about your fundraising needs; match you with the right advisor or consultant, and offer you one of the available slots.

3) It’s that simple!


Focus on Funding Session 1: Funding in Crisis Context

Tarn Bright, from Capital Mass talks to fundraising consultants:

Andrew Clark from Apostle Fundraising

Mark Eriera-Guyer from Civil Society Consulting

about how churches can look at raising income in these difficult times.

Focus on Funding Session 2:

Alison Tsang from Capital Mass talks to two organisations who can provide emergency funding pots for individuals in need.

Victor Wilmott from London Catalyst talks about the Samaritan Grants they offer for churches and community groups

Jenny Herrera from Acts 435 explains how churches can become Acts “Advocates” and receive crowdfunded donations for those they would like to help

Session 3: Planning to Fundraise in the New Normal

Carol Ward, Parish Fundraising Manager for the Diocese of London (the @fundmychurch team) speaks to two fundraising consultants:

Redina Kolaneci, principal consultant, Christian Fundraising Consultancy

Gordon Kane of Bloom Consulting

about how churches can fundraise in the new landscape, and trying to recover from lost income post-lockdown.

They talk about how to ensure you have a sustainable and “futureproofed” plan to make sure you always have the money you need to reach out compassionately in Jesus’s name to your community.

Below are some links to resources from the week that our speakers referenced



@fundmychurch, the Diocese of London Parish Fundraising team exist to help give parishes advice and guidance on fundraising for all sorts of things, from capital appeals to social action projects.

Their information is here: