A resource for your church to respond to those struggling financially in your community

As we head into the autumn of 2022, we know that we are all facing a Cost of Living Crisis, as energy and food bills rocket.

For many of us this is a real worry but for those on the lowest and most precarious of incomes it is utterly terrifying.

With more uncertainty ahead, so many in our communities are finding themselves in very tough financial situations.

What can we do?

As the church we can offer hope in the form of practical responses to love our neighbours.

That’s why we’ve put together this Money Help Toolkit : a wide range of responses that your parish or community might consider.


In this toolkit you’ll find information and guidance on how to take action:

  • how to start conversations about money in your church and community
  • running budgeting workshops online and offering people help with managing their money
  • setting up free debt and money advice
  • helping with those struggling to apply for Universal Credit and navigating the benefit system
  • simple ideas to encourage people to save including setting up saving circles in church
  • tackling those who lend money illegally and raising awareness of loan sharks
  • offering small emergency funds for people in financial crisis in partnership with Acts 435
  • bonus theology session: a conversation with Right Revd Graham Tomlin, on why it is churches should be thinking about money as part of our discipleship and witness.

Talking About Money

Why and how we can start conversations about money in our churches and communities; how it can help support our mental and emotional wellbeing

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Why the Church?

A theological reflection with Bishop Graham Tomlin, following his 2018 talk about church teaching through the ages about money, borrowing and lending.

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Money Management

A range of resources & organisations offering training to run simple budgeting workshops, and tools for helping someone organise their money for the first time

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Offering Debt Advice

Practical advice on how churches or deaneries can set up free debt and money advice for those in their communities

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Tackling Loan Sharks

How to spot the signs that someone may have borrowed from a loan shark- illegal money lender- and what to do to report it

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Helping People Save

How we can help people build up savings to cover emergencies, credit unions, and encourage a culture of savings by setting up savings circles

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Navigating Universal Credit

Looking at how we can help people who are having to access the benefit system, particularly Universal Credit for the first time

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Offering emergency funds

Find out how to partner with Acts 435, so you can offer small gifts of up to £150 to those in a crisis

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Signposting On

We are not expected to be experts! Often the most important thing you can do is signpost someone to the right professional services. Here are details of how you do that.

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Where’s the Toolkit Come From?

In September and October 2020, Capital Mass (the previous name for Compassionate Communities) ran a series of trainings and events Over eight sessions we explored, with the help of expert guests and parishes on the ground, how we as church can help and support those in our midst who were struggling with money in the wake of Covid.

Now with the Cost of Living Crisis upon us, they feel more relevant than ever.

There are also contacts of organisations who can help you.

Want more help?

If you are a parish considering responding and would like a conversation about your next steps, please do of course get in touch with us here.

All the Talks in on place

Looking for all the talks to watch back in one place? You’ll find them below

NB: Please note due to confidentiality, we were not able to record the session on Tackling Loan Sharks. Resources around this area are above.