helping people get in control of their money

It’s often hard to face our own money situation; those who are struggling with debt and financial worries often find it impossible.

How can the church help people who are struggling with their money get more in control of it and see how they can make changes? How do we know where to start?

In this session, we outline why and how the church can help.

Three brilliant speakers share their wisdom expertise and tools for churches to offer basic money management and budgeting sessions, or be equipped to walk with someone on a one-to-one basis. We cover some of the really great resources and training offered to help churches do just that.

Those in churches can be the trusted friends who can walk alongside people and help them look at their money situation and take action to make changes. It is not as hard as you think- and it can be a simple but lifechanging thing to do- to help all of us, no matter what our situation “take control of our money, rather than it controlling us”.


Bruce Connell, CEO of Crosslight Money Advice and founder of The Money Course

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Christine Mueller, Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre Manager and CAP Money Coach from Frampton Park Baptist Church in Hackney

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Sarah Wallace, Director of the Just Finance Foundation, who run the LifeSavers schools money programme and the Covid Cash Recovery Course

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Resources and links mentioned in this session:

The Money Course

Now offered online in short modules, The Money Course was developed not only to help you look at budgeting, spending and saving but also examines feelings and attitudes towards money.

This is the resource that Bruce mentions in the session.

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CAP Money

The CAP Money Course is a free course that teaches you budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that works.

This is the course that Christine and Debbie mention in the session.

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Covid Cash Course

COVID Cash Recovery (CCR) is a free online course to provide key information and resources to churches, to help their communities cope with money issues that have developed as we continue through the pandemic.

This is the resource that Sarah talked about in the session.

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