There are over 8 million people in the UK struggling with problem debt, but crucially only 1 in 5 of them actually reach out and seek advice.

When someone is struggling with money the vital thing, but the hardest thing, to do is to say “help”.

There is always help available for debt, and always a solution, no matter how much debt you have. But knowing where to go for that help is the first step.

Churches across the Diocese are providing just that place: offering free debt advice, in partnership with Christian charities who offer the support with training, guidance and regulation.

This session looks at how churches can run such debt & money advice services. We talk to three people from three churches all offering this hope for those in their community who need it.

We hear why this is so vital, and how this kind of advice can provide a lifeline for those who are in a hole of debt and can’t see a way out. We also talk about some practical questions about what is needed, how long it takes and how it works.


Steve Bolton, South East Operations Support Manager for Community Money Advice and debt centre manager in Watford CMA Centre

You can get in touch with him here

Debbie Thomas, Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre Manager at St Gabriels,Cricklewood

You can get in touch with her here

Eddie Thomas Advice Centre Manager for Crosslight Advice at St Stephen’s Twickenham

You can get in touch with him here

We’re always happy to help advise, please do get in touch here if you’d like more information.

Resources and links mentioned in the session are here:

Community Money Advice (CMA)

A national charity committed to supporting churches and community groups who have a passion to help people overcome their money problems. CMA provides all the resources, training and support needed to establish and maintain local, free, face to face money advice services.

This is the organisation that Steve talks about in the session.

Find out more

Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

A national Christian charity, partnering with local churches to offer award winning debt counselling, to lift people out of debt and poverty.

This is the charity that Debbie and her church partner with.

Find out more

Crosslight Advice

A community-focused charity which works to combat poverty and hardship caused by the burden of unmanageable debt and lack of financial capability.

They run from 4 churches in West London as well as 3 in Kent.

This is the organisation that Eddie is part of.

Find out more