In this session we talk about why it’s so important to build up a small amount of saving as an emergency fund.

4 in 10 Londoners don’t have £100 in savings to fall back on should they need it - so if a fridge breaks or a leak needs fixing, or even wanting to pay for a celebration- they’ll have to borrow to cover the costs.

Pat Fernandes, of It’s all About Money, and a local volunteer at her church, talks about the need for saving; how to save even if on a low income and some ideas that local churches can do to encourage a culture of saving through their weekly activity.

We also hear about the importance of credit unions: what they are and how they can help churches run community savings clubs and informal savings circles.


Pat Fernandes, Financial Inclusion Manager, It’s All About Money, Brent, including “In the Community 4 The Community” and Caritas Representative

You can get in touch with Pat here

Also Julia Daniel Manager of North London Credit Union You can get in touch with her here

Resources and links mentioned in the session:

Making Saving a Social Thing

Fr Terry, priest and Pat Fernandes, volunteer from Sacred Heart RC Church in Kilburn talk about how they set up a simple savings club through the credit union within their church community as a response to tackle the scourge of payday lenders on Kilburn High Street.


What is a Credit Union? Find out more here, and how you can start saving and borrowing with your local one.

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It’s All About Money

Pat runs: It’s All About Money, a charity based in Brent.

Their “In The Community 4 The Community” service offers faith and community leaders support to work within their communities to reduce financial upheaval and prevent social isolation at the grassroots level.

If you are a community or faith leader and you’d like to be part to find out how you can support your community to be more financially resilient get in touch.

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