For someone who’s in financial crisis, the gift of a small amount of money can be a totally life-changing event.

Acts 435 offer support to all churches to be able to give a small financial blessing to anyone in need, using their crowdfunding platform.

Whether that’s someone who needs to pay for a new mattress, or get granted a debt relief order, or replace something vital that’s been damaged or stolen, but they just can’t afford.

This session is a conversation with Jenny, Executive Director of Acts 435, who explains how and why your church might want partner with Acts 435, as a way of connecting with your local commnunity, and offering a sign of hope to those who are in a dark place.

We also hear from a church in North London, hearing of their experience of being an Acts 435 Advocate.

Acts 435 works through partner churches- known as “advocates”; Churches who meet people in need can post requests on the Acts 435 website, where that need is met by individuals generosity; the money donated is transferred to the church who is able to give that gift to the person.

It’s a brilliant simple system to show God’s love to those in their community, and it’s FREE for churches to join.


Jenny Herrera, Executive Director of Acts 435.

You can get in touch with her here

Pat Fernandes, Sacred Heart RC Church, Kilburn and Financial Inclusion Manager at It’s All About Money

You can get in touch with her here

Resources and links mentioned in this session:

Become an Acts 435 Advocate

Information on how your church can be involved with Acts 435 by signing up to be an advocate.

The advocates meet with people who need money, and put their requests on the Acts 435 website.