How and why should we talk about money?

Money affects us all but it’s one of the most taboo subjects to talk about, particularly in churches.

This session looks at why and how we should have conversations about money much more in our churches and our communities.

We hear from one church that chose to be brave, and started talking about money on a Sunday morning. We discuss the barriers we have to tackling this topic and talk about how vital it is for our mental health that we do.

In the session we talk about some really helpful practical tips, tools and resources, which are linked below.


Rev. Clive Main, Rector and Veronica Sharpe, Treasurer of St Barnabas Church, Homerton. You can contact Clive here

Rev Cassius Francis, Just Finance Development Worker, Transforming Communities Together. You can contact him here.

Resources and links mentioned in this session:

Jesus Money Cards

A brilliant, simple pack of cards for churches to help people talk about money.

Simply shuffle the pack, turn over the top card, and start talking.

When you are ready, turn over the next card. There are no right answers, just good conversations.

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CAP Money Course

The CAP Money Course is a free course that teaches you budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that works.

This is the course that Clive and Veronica talk about in our training session.

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Guide To Talking About Money

The Money Advice Service have some excellent guides and tips on how to talk about money: to partners, children, older people, friends and others.

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Covid Cash Course

COVID Cash Recovery (CCR) is a free online course which up-skills churches, community leaders, and organisations to provide key information and resources, to help their communities cope with money issues that have developed as we continue through the pandemic.

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Being Brave: Talking about Money at St Barnabas, Homerton

With many in the congregation of St Barnabas living on low income, and with the concern about the introduction of Universal Credit, Rev Clive Main, Rector of St Barnabas, Homerton took a bold step of taking over three Sunday services just to talk about money.