Community Sponsorship

Community Sponsorship enables your church and people in your community to be directly involved in the resettlement of a newly arrived refugee family in your local area.

This ground-breaking new development for refugee resettlement was announced by the UK Government in Summer 2016. It is modelled on the hugely successful Canadian Private Sponsorship scheme which has resettled 275,000 refugees since its introduction in 1979.

Definition courtesy of Churches Response for Refugees

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby became the UK’s first community sponsors when he welcomed a refugee family into Lambeth Palace in 2016…

…and the parish of St Monica’s, Flixton, in Greater Manchester, became the second.

Links to key websites and partners

Community Sponsorship Launch with the Archbishop of Canterbury: Please Click Here

Apply for full community sponsorship: Please Click Here

Caritas Salford were one of the first groups to welcome a Syrian Refugee Family under the Community Sponsorship Scheme. If you would like to ask them any questions relating to the application process, setting up a team and working to resettle the family, please contact us and we will put you in contact with them – they’d be happy to chat to you!

Please email us and we’ll make the connection

Launch of Community Sponsorship: Please Click Here

Community Sponsorship Guide: Please Click Here

Background and Guides on Community Sponsorship: Please Click Here

Enfield Refugee Welcome group are a broad-based coalition of community and faith groups who have submitted an application to be Refugee Community Sponsors in London. They would be happy to answer any questions who have about the process they went through from start to submitting the application.

To contact them Please Click Here

‘The Archbishop of Canterbury and Lambeth Palace were the first group to receive a Syrian Refugee Family under the Community Sponsorship Scheme. They are very happy to answer any questions you have about their experience of working with a refugee family to help them to resettle in the UK including the challenges and highlights.’

If you would like to contact The Palace, they would be happy to answer any questions that you have. Please Click Here

Salvation Army have welcomed in their first family via Community Sponsorship: LINK

Nick Coke who is the minister of the above church and the National Refugee Response Coordinator for the Salvation Army is happy to answer any questions that you may have: LINK

The Citizens UK Foundation for the Sponsorship of Refugees Link

Cardinal Nichols and the Archbishop of Canterbury speaking on Community Sponsorship (24:54 minutes in)

A short film from Church Response for Refugees, providing the context and call to action for the church

Syrian Refugee Sponsorship, Part 1: Leaving Syria

Syrian Refugee Sponsorship, Part 2: Welcome To Canada

Syrian Refugee Sponsorship, Part 3: A New Home