Mental Health

This page collects together all the conversations, events and projects to do with mental health.


Music and Dementia

27 March 2017

St Marylebone Parish Church and Royal Academy of Music, supporting people with Dementia through music.

Parish of Brentford Clothes Repair Café

14 December 2023 by Sarah Salisbury

Sarah Salisbury shares her experience of founding and running the Brentford Clothes Repair Café, how it has impacted their church community, and how it relates to their Eco Church journey.

Creating Spaces for Conversation and Companionship

07 November 2023 by Revd Rachel Greaves-Brown

Revd Rachel Greaves-Brown shares how leading The Sanctuary Course impacted both herself and her church community, and gives three top tips for anyone planning to run the course.

Umeed-Hope Wellbeing Spaces in Southall

15 May 2023 by Revd Idina Dunmore

Revd Idina Dunmore, Pioneer Minister at St George’s Southall, gives us a wonderful glimpse into their wellbeing space and how it has provided a space of welcome and hope for many in the local community.

Tackling the Cost of Living Crisis: Domestic Abuse

20 September 2022 by Bekah Legg

Bekah Legg, CEO of Restored, helps us to consider the impact of the cost of living crisis on those experiencing domestic abuse and how we as churches can support survivors.

Mental Health and Spirituality: A new report

27 July 2022 by Alison Tsang

A new report out, commissioned by Bishop of London, the Right Revd Dame Sarah Mulally, draws lessons from how NHS professionals, faith leaders and members of faith communities can work together to improve community mental health.

Lent Appeal 2022: The Posh Club at St Pauls West Hackney

21 April 2022 by Father Niall Wier

Fr Niall Weir tells the story of how the Posh Club came to his church in Hackney. With a weekly burst of what he calls “heavenly mania & divine madness”- a daytime nightclub with singing, dancing, cabaret and a huge dose of fabulously, it joyfully tackles loneliness and isolation for the over 60s.

Lent Appeal 2022: Anna Chaplaincy

04 April 2022 by Julia Burton-Jones

Julia Burton-Jones, Anna Chaplaincy Training and Development Lead, explains the impact of the pandemic on those living in isolation or with dementia, and introduces us to their work offering spiritual care to older people.

Lent Appeal 22: Supporting our Young People’s Mental Health

31 March 2022 by Debbie Butcher by Sonia Stead

As we focus this week on on young people’s mental health, we hear from one of our schools and one of our churches on how they’re supporting the young people they care for, particularly in the wake of the pandemic

Lent Appeal 2022: Youthscape’s Headstrong Project

28 March 2022 by Dr Kate Middelton

A reminder of the significant impact the pandemic has had on our young people, and a new resource developed by YouthScape called “Headstrong” - new online space aimed at young people promoting positive mental wellbeing.

Lent Appeal 2022: Restored

21 March 2022 by Bekah Legg

Bekah Legg highlights the work of Restored, a charity that supports victims of domestic abuse and equips churches to become Restored Beacons - creating places of safety and welcome for survivors.

Lent Appeal 2022: Mental Health First Aid

17 March 2022 by Ben Evans

All about Mental Health First Aid Training: how it’s available for your church for FREE, why it’s so important, and a story of how it’s impacted one church’s mission and ministry

Lent Appeal 2022: Renew Wellbeing

14 March 2022 by Ruth Rice

Ruth Rice tells us about the work of Renew Wellbeing, supporting churches to create safe spaces where it’s OK no to be OK.

Lent Appeal 2022: Loneliness and Disability

10 March 2022 by Revd John Beauchamp

John Beauchamp, the Diocesan Disability Ministry Enabler challenges us to think of those 20% of us that are disabled: how it mean higher rates of isolation and loneliness and how we all challenge that in following the way of Jesus

Lent Appeal 2022: I Need More Than ‘Wellbeing’

07 March 2022 by Revd Will Van Der Hart

Rev Will Van Der Hart, founder of Mind and Soul Foundation, reminds us why it’s important to acknowledge when we are struggling - and to remember that God is with us through it.

Lent Appeal 2022: Estate Ministry

03 March 2022 by Rev Lis Goddard

Rev Lis Goddard from St James the Less, Pimlico, shares how mental health & isolation impacts on community and worship in their estate based ministry.

Listening to God, serving people’s needs

03 February 2020 by Alison Tsang

At St Pauls Hounslow West, listening to God and their community has meant they have grown an extraordinary “ordinary” community cafe, to meet the needs of the parish they serve. Here is the story of it.


Renew Wellbeing - Information Afternoon

Thursday 09 November 2023, 1:00PM - 3:00PM

2 hour informal information session with Ruth Rice.

Find out more about setting up a simple wellbeing space in your church and meet others already renewing wellbeing. And have a cuppa and cake!

Full details for this event.

Supporting young people’s mental and emotional health

Wednesday 15th March 2023, 6:00-7:00pm

An introduction to Headstrong with Dr Kate Middleton. Learn more about how you can access information, resources and advice to support young people’s mental and emotional health.

Full details for this event.

Mirror Image: Retreat Day for Weary Activists

Monday 21st November 2022

A daytime retreat for those who are active in serving their local communities in the name of Christ.

Full details for this event.

Warm Welcome Launch

Wednesday 28th September, 7.30-8.30pm

If you’re considering opening up your church/building as a ‘warm space’ this winter, do join our friends at the Warm Welcome Campaign for their launch event to hear more about the campaign and to hear stories about what organisations across the country are planning.

Full details for this event.

‘Running a Renew Wellbeing Space’ Information Afternoon

Wednesday 6th July, 1.00-4.00pm

An event for churches interested in setting up a Renew Wellbeing space, with Ruth Rice. Part of the follow up from the Lent Appeal 2022.

Full details for this event.

Diocese of London’s Lent Appeal 2022: Launch Event

Thursday 24 February 2022, 9:45AM - 12:15PM

Join us for the launch of the Diocese of London’s Lent Appeal 2022: Cultivating Compassionate Communities

Full details for this event.

Retreat Day for Weary Activists

Monday 29th November 2021

A daytime retreat for those who are active in serving in their local communities in the name of Christ: those who are championing social action and social justice.

Full details for this event.

Dementia Inclusive Church Workshop

Tuesday 13 April 2021, 5:00PM - 7:00PM

Dementia Inclusive Church Workshop: Join us as we glean wisdom from the Story Chaplain about how churches can support those living with dementia and their carers.

Full details for this event.

Virtual Coffee mornings for those helping people with money and debt

Weekly on Thursdays, 10am-11am

A weekly coffee and catch up for anyone who offers help to people around money and debt to people in their communities. A place to chat, network and just have a breather. Drop in whenever you can! Zoom Link here

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Covid 19: Responding to the Debt Tsunami… SESSION 1 Why talk about money?

Wed 16th September, 11am-12pm

Exploring how church can foster a culture of talking about money, and the link between money and our mental health

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Coffee With Capital Mass: Addressing Mental Health issues, and Domestic Violence

Wed 29th April 10.30am-11.30am

An hour online together for church and community leaders to talk about issues they’re facing in their local context during lockdown. This week, looking at Mental Health, with Livability, and Domestic violence, wtih Restored.

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Fundraising for your church’s social action

Tuesday 3rd March, 2020, 2.30pm-5.00pm

A 2-hour interactive workshop providing advice and guidance for churches on how to fundraise for social outreach in their local communities.

Full details for this event.

Dementia Inclusive Churches Workshop

Thurs 27th February 2020, 6.30pm - 8.30pm

In partnership with Livability, this evening will help you think through how you can make sure your church is welcoming and inclusive to those who have dementia and those who care for them.

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Mental Health, Isolation and Loneliness

Wednesday 19 February 2020, 6:30PM - 8:30PM

An evening hearing from churches & organisations working to help support those in the community with mental health, isolation and loneliness; an evening to share ideas, good practice and network.

In partnership with Livability.

Full details for this event.

Live Well Together- Growing Good Mental Health in your Church

Monday 18 November 2019, 10:00AM - 4:00PM

Live Well Together is a workshop by Livability which gives your church the tools to grow good mental health.

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Universal Credit: Understanding the new landscape

5 confirmed events across the Diocese

What is UC, how will it impact your parish and how can you respond?

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A Joyful Celebration

Monday 24 September 2018, 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Join us for an evening of celebration with Bishop Sarah as we’re inspired by the impact that compassionate parishes are making in the Diocese of London.

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Mental Health and Poverty

Thursday 18 May 2017, 5:30PM - 8:00PM

An evening exploring the two-way relationship between Poverty and Mental Health.

Full details for this event.

Learning Community for Community Chaplains

Monday 17 October 2016, 10:00AM - 12:00PM

A time where like-minded chaplains with braod experiences from across the capital can learn together

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Projects across London

Project Area of Concern Activity Type Parish Area Borough
Addiction, depression and disorders course & support Addiction, Employment & Enterprise, Homelessness, Isolation, Mental Health Courses Holy Trinity with St Paul, Onslow Square and St Augustine, South Kensington Kensington Kensington & Chelsea
Caravan drop-in counselling service Mental Health Drop-in St James's Piccadilly Two Cities Westminster
Community Hub Education, Mental Health Education & Training St Clement w St Mark & Norlands St James Kensington Kensington & Chelsea
Community Link Mental Health Outreach St Andrew's Enfield Edmonton Enfield
Footprints Bereavement Drop-In Isolation, Mental Health Drop-in Uxbridge team Ministry: St Margaret's Willesden Hillingdon
Get Together Homelessness, Mental Health Drop-in, Food, Practical support Christ Church Roxeth Team Willesden Harrow
Hillingdon street angels Addiction, Homelessness, Mental Health Drugs, Outreach, Practical support Uxbridge team Ministry: St Margaret's Willesden Hillingdon
Hub Drop In Mental Health Drop-in All Souls Harlesden Willesden Brent
Memory Cafe Isolation, Mental Health Drop-in St Cuthbert North Wembley Willesden Brent
Monday Friendship Isolation, Mental Health Drop-in All Saints Harrow Hill Willesden Harrow
Oasis Coffee Shop and Open Church Food Poverty, Homelessness, Practical Intervention, Prison & Ex-Offenders, Mental Health Drop-in Uxbridge team Ministry: St Margaret's Willesden Hillingdon
Safetynet Peoplefirst Mental Health Drop-in All Saints Fulham Kensington Hammersmith & Fulham
Saturday Soup Kitchen Addiction, Food Poverty, Homelessness, Isolation, Debt and Financial Wellbeing, Mental Health Drop-in St Anne's Hoxton Stepney Hackney
Welcome Centre Addiction, Employment & Enterprise, Homelessness, Isolation, Mental Health Drop-in St John the Baptist Greenhill Willesden Harrow
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