We believe that care for the natural environment, which is God’s creation, is a fundamental duty for all Christians.

The Diocese of London aims to be a leader in the field of environmental concern and action.

Compassionate Communities is partnering with the Environment and Sustainability Team to encourage and support every parish across the Diocese to take urgent action.

Eco Church

One of the main ways we encourage churches to do this is through registering as an Eco Church, a programme run by A Rocha. We aim to have 200 churches registered, with 100 churches having awards by 2025.


As of March 2023, we have 178 churches registered, with 82 awarded: 64 Bronze, 16 Silver and 2 Gold.

If your church is interested in registering, or has registered and would like support getting to your next award, please get in touch with your Episcopal Area Leads below!

Our latest Eco Church Map:

Our Latest Eco Church Map - Click HERE for an interactive version


For each of our Episcopal Area, we have a Lead contact (or two!), who is often heading up a small group from across the Area, helping support churches around Eco Church, as well as Net Carbon Zero, biodiversity, Community engagement and other topics. They are people who have led churches on Eco Church and have a wealth of experience and connections.

Please do get in touch with your Lead if you would like some more help and support!


Fr Chrichton Limbert, Christ Church Southgate

Email Chrichton here


Revd Derek Winterburn, St James Hampton Hill

Email Derek here


Revd Daniel Gerrans, St Michael London Fields

Email Daniel here


Revd Sophia Acland, All Hallows By The Tower

Email Sophia here

Two Cities

Martin Carr, LLM, All Hallows By The Tower

Email Martin here


Revd Steve Paynter, St Marys Ealing

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Other Resources

  • For a detailed and comprehensive set of London specific resources in this area, the Diocese of London pages are here.

  • Church of England Environment Team run a range of webinars on topics that affect churches, including environmental fundraising, getting to net zero Carbon and buildings- they are consistently relevant, informative and excellent quality. Click here for more.

  • We put out a termly Creation Care Newsletter to the Diocese, with latest news, events, and articles. Sign up here

  • Martin Carr, our Two Cities Area Lead, has put together this brilliant list of weekly Eco Tips for the whole of 2024. He has kindly made it available to share with anyone who might find it useful – either for personal use or for inclusion in church notice sheets etc. Download it here:
  • If we can help with anything, or you can’t find what you need, please do get in touch with us!

“We used to think that climate change was a problem for our grandchildren, then we found out it was a problem for our children, now we realise it is a problem for us.”