Working towards a net zero carbon Diocese: climate, biodiversity and recycling

We believe that care for the natural environment, which is God’s creation, is a fundamental duty for all Christians.

The Diocese of London aims to be a leader in the field of environmental concern and action.

Compassionate Communities is partnering with the Environment and Sustainability Team to encourage and support every parish across the Diocese to take urgent action.

  • Many of our parishes already part of A Rocha’s Eco Church initiative and are taking huge steps to commit to ensuring our lives and activities are sustainable environmentally.

We will amplify this and share good practice; we are specifically aiming that every church can be supported to become an Eco Church.

  • Deaneries and Area teams are working together to take further steps. They are asking what more can we do to encourage less energy use, lower our carbon footprint, tackle the climate crisis; increase biodiversity; & ensure the products we use are sustainable, renewable or at the very least, recyclable - to name but a few areas.

We offer support and sharing across Deaneries, piloting initiatives that may work across the whole Diocese.

  • We are working to tackle the very pressing climate crisis, ensuring a cross generational approach; often this work has been prophetically led by young people and we’re working to ensure that they are equipped and given a voice as they lead us.

“We used to think that climate change was a problem for our grandchildren, then we found out it was a problem for our children, now we realise it is a problem for us.”

Joan Ruddock, MP

We want the voice of children and young people to be heard and reflected in our actions concerning the environment, especially climate change. It is their future.

For a detailed and comprehensive set of resources in this area, the Diocese of London pages are here.



Chris Mitchell, part of a volunteer team at St. John’s church in Hoxton shares his experience of helping church and community save money on energy bills as well as reducing their carbon footprint, through innovative “Switch Days” run after Sunday services.