Could you spare an hour a week for a child, young person, or parent in your community?

Mentoring, Befriending, Getting Alongside, Accompanying .

All words that basically mean “being a helper”. We all need that.

One person, offering one hour a week can be literally life changing. If you use that one hour to invest in the life of a child struggling at primary school, a young person at risk in secondary school or a parent or carer who needs someone to listen to them, imagine the difference? On the lives of the family, of the wider community?

Multiply that by one or two from churches across our Diocese, and that would be some serious impact.

Why get involved in mentoring?

This conversation between Bishop Rob, and Revd Natasha Beckles talks powerfully about the why and the how of mentoring.

Getting involved in mentoring those families in our communities who are struggling, with only a small commitment of time, can make a huge difference to interrupt serious youth violence.

Watch their conversation now:

How Can I get involved?

Interested? Think you could offer an hour or so a week?

We’re partnering with three brilliant charities who all offer expert support training and guidance around mentoring.

  • Transforming Lives for Good offer their Early Intervention Mentoring Programme- to spend an hour a week with a child 5-11 through local primary school.

  • XLP offer a Mentoring training to help get alongside young people who are at risk,

  • Safe Families train and support “Famiy Friends” who can get to know and support a parent or carer as they raise their child.

To find out more about what each one involves, there are short videos below, plus links to their websites to find out more.

OR get in touch with us and we’d love to have a chat!


Early Intervention Mentoring for primary school age children

Click here to find out more


Mentoring Programme for Young People at Risk, aged 11-18

Click here to find out more

Safe Families

become a “family friend” to a parent or carer who’s struggling

Click here to find out more