Next Gathering

Next Gathering Winter Night Shelters, Local Authorities and Benefit

Our next training gathering for all parishes and churches across London who are involved in hosting and volunteering at a Winter Night Shelters or Homeless Drop-ins.


As the benefit system is radically overhauled, including the introduction of Universal Credit, it is often the most vulnerable, particularly the homeless that can fall through the gaps. Many do not claim what they are entitled to and navigating new systems can be complex and offputting.

· We are delighted to have a Dan Fenell, an expert from the DWP who sits within the Rough Sleeper Unit, to talk to us about the provision in the system for those who are homeless/vulnerable to claim benefits, and how local authorities national government areas of responsibilities for benefits are divided up.

· We also will be joined by Jon Kurht, formerly CEO of West London Mission and now govt advisor on faith groups responses to homelessness.

We will also have time of questions and discussion about the things you are seeing on the ground with homeless guests.

Come and find out “from the horses mouth” what the changes in the benefit system including Universal Credit will mean for those you are hosting, and learn where you can refer people for more help locally.


Since the mid-2000’s, homelessness in London has doubled

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Housing Injustice

On the 23rd January 2018 as part of the Diocese of London Homelessness Appeal Capital Mass had the pleasure of hosting a Ted style event called Housing Injustice.

We hope that what these speakers bring, will inspire and encourage you to join us as Together we seek to Tackle Homelessness in London.

A Theology of Homelessness

Krish Kandiah, Founder and Director of Home for Good

A distinctive Christian response?

Revd Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’s Piccadilly

Politics of Homelessness

Jacob Quagliozzi, Dept Director Housing Justice

Grace and Truth

Jon Kuhrt, Cheif Exec West London Mission

Getting back on my feet

Jon Kuhrt interviews Chris Ward


Winternight Shelters

GrowTH: End End Churches Responding

Modern Day Slavery and Night Shelters

Next Meal in the palm of your hand

Rudi Richardson on founding